Resolution Independence Developments – Part 2: The First TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player


Explanation Series on Recent Resolution Independence Announcement – Part 2. Fractal Video Player


Until the arrival of TMM, Inc TRUDEF™ Fractal Video technology, videos were compressed using one of only two non-fractal video compression algorithms, Discrete Cosine Transform (“DCT”) and Wavelet Transform. The science behind fractal compression is not new, but was never successfully implemented in motion pictures.

On April 22nd, 2013, TMMI announced that it had demonstrated TRUDEF™ Resolution Independent Fractal Video in 4K at NAB show. In part II of this series, we will explain the origins of the first TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player – a TMMI product – and all the features that makes it unique.

The TRUDEF™ Fractal Player was developed in 2013 by TMM, Inc. for internal testing. The inability to customize the player, coupled with requirement for high data rate, was the main driving force behind the development of the first TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player.

What’s So Special About TRUDEF™’s Fractal Player?

A key feature of the multi threaded TRUDEF™ Player is its ability to play highly detailed 2×2 block encoded 24 bit RGB color video scaled from 2K to 4K resolution in real time.

Currently, existing forms of video scaling are performed after decompression, which reduces color, discards detail and includes compression/decompression artifacts. TRUDEF™ resolution independent fractal codes are calculated during compression on the “original pixels”. TRUDEF™’s superior sharpness and color density will be the ideal solution for preserving visually lossless high quality video from 2K RAW workflows.

TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player enables users to step frame-by-frame forward or backward to select a single frame to save in either native viewing resolution or fractal zoom resolution in FIF file format or a BMP file format without any loss of quality or recompression time. The player can also recall a frame by simply entering a frame number. These functions of the player, when implemented in different vertical sector, could mean the difference between seeing: a win or loss in sports, guilt or innocence in a trial, or possibly a time and cost saving by seamlessly extracting a specific frame from a video timeline for promotional print marketing. The uses for the application are truly endless.



Screenshot of the first TRUDEF™ Video Player


TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player Features:

  • Smooth 4K playback
  • Theatrical viewing
  • Fractal Zoom:
    • Viewing 4K from 2K
    • Doubling native viewing resolution
  • Multi threaded for real time decompression
  • Increase data rate for theatrical quality
  • Multiple player sessions
  • Detailed performance statistics
  • Subtitles
  • Subtitles from text to speech narration
  • Multiple audio codec support
  • Frame stepping
  • .FIF or .BMP single frame capture
  • Recall frame by frame number
  • Single frame capture in Fractal Zoom mode
  • Playlist Editor
    • Manages multiple playlist
    • Drag and drop list building
    • Draggable sort order
    • Timeline cropping


Future of TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player

TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player is only in its infancy. As TMM, Inc progresses with advancement in the compression-decompression algorithm ( “Codec” ), the player will advance alongside it.

We hope all of you are now as excited as we are with the TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player.



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TMMI is a technology company headquartered in the US, specializing in video image management and compression. Founded in 1990, the company is dedicated to improving bandwidth utilization and video image quality. TMMI develops digital video compression technology that provides end-to-end workflow and distribution solutions for cinema, sports, mobile, streaming media, cable, medical imaging, security, defense, space exploration and education. TRUDEF™ fractal technology offers users enhanced image quality, reduced bandwidth utilization and digital media storage requirements.


  • tmmilong

    Very very cool,hope to see the fractal video player run soon…

  • tmmilong

    The more I read this blog,the more I get excited about this product that TMMI is bringing to the market.The first TRUDEF Fractal Video Player with these features,it will only get better as technology opens up.Thumbs up to TMMI/TRUDEF 🙂