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RAY DIRKS RESEARCH – TMM Inc. (TMMI) December 16, 2013 by Ray Dirks

This is the first report by RAYDIRKS Research on a rapidly growing industry – the digital video space, where the Internet-based, digitally-addicted, personally mobile world of video streaming is just beginning to benefit from the application of software-derived solutions.

Ray Dirks and his team of money managers and security analysts have discovered a company named TMM, Inc. (TMMI on the OTC) that is developing a proprietary data compression technology under continual development called TRUDEF™ – with the right software-based solution.

The TRUDEF codec has moved rapidly through the laboratory and into product development. Inspired by a fractal algorithm originally developed by Michael Barnsley and Alan Sloan, two PhDs in mathematics from Georgia Tech, TRUDEF’s multi-patented technology is a paradigm shift from current video compression methods.

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TMMI is a technology company headquartered in the US, specializing in video image management and compression. Founded in 1990, the company is dedicated to improving bandwidth utilization and video image quality. TMMI develops digital video compression technology that provides end-to-end workflow and distribution solutions for cinema, sports, mobile, streaming media, cable, medical imaging, security, defense, space exploration and education. TRUDEF™ fractal technology offers users enhanced image quality, reduced bandwidth utilization and digital media storage requirements.